Tenerife – beach and business opportunities


Tenerife is a place full of great beaches, nature and so on. But what no many people know is that the island is also an ideal place for business opportunities, thanks to the lower taxes, if you make a comparison to the rest of Europe. With all this qualities the island is attractions some business men which have make busy the estate agents. Tenerife is a nice place to buy a property for business and live, as reported the representatives of sun4free.com/ , one of the we known estate agencies in Tenerife.



But in order to explain the meaning of low taxes, it means that some imported products can be bought between 10% and 30% lower than in the rest of Europe. This is the case of:

  • perfumery,
  • cosmetics,
  • alcohol,
  • and also some electronic devices.



Here are some factors that possible attract business

  • solid infrastructures -Eight airports connect the Canary Islands with each other and with the rest of the world.
  • Important network of maritime lines and roads.
  • Telecommunications are guaranteed thanks to submarine wiring.


Perhaps the only difference being with other territories considered as such, that in this case, the authorities do not cover up tax evasion, but only favour those companies that invest there with significant tax benefits. What is an advantage, for those who are thinking to move they lives and business to Tenerife. Estate agents, with eyes in these new costumers, have also some commercial offers.




If you are among those interested into live and make business in the island, the best thing would be to look for an estate agent in Tenerife, and consult about commercial and residential properties.